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    The Most Profitable Pool Proprietary algorithms ensure you are consistently earning the most money.

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    Data Security Daily backups, 2FA SMS, and hot/cold wallets ensure your data and coins are safe!

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  • Global Stratums

    Global Stratums Stratum servers strategically located in the US, EU, & Asia will reduce your latency and increase profits!

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Multipool Features

  • Mine on the most profitable multipool!
  • Multipool for Scrypt, SHA256, Scrypt-N, X11, and NeoScrypt algorithms are available.
  • Use one address across multiple algorithms.
  • Automatic payout detection.
  • Instant and automatic payouts.
  • ASIC Support
  • Custom static difficulty or automatic VARDIFF adjustments supported!
  • 1% Miner Fees



stratum+tcp://us1.coinking.io:7777 -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x


stratum+tcp://us1.coinking.io:9999 -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x


stratum+tcp://us1.coinking.io:8888 -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x


stratum+tcp://us1.coinking.io:6666 -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x


stratum+tcp://us1.coinking.io:4444 -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

Customizable Difficulty

Our servers will automatically adjust your miner's difficulty using VARDIFF. If you would like to set your own static difficulty for your miners please enter it in the "-p" field. For example, to use a static difficulty of 512, instead of -p x you would use -p 512

Supported Payout Addresses













Multiple Payout Options!

Mine on any of our multiports and you will be paid out to the address that you mine with. For example, you can mine Scrypt and receive BITCOIN payouts or mine SHA256 and receive LITECOIN payouts. You supply the address and we do the rest, it is that easy.

Geo Located Stratum Servers


Stratum Address


US #1 us1.coinking.io East Coast
US #2 us2.coinking.io West Coast
Europe #1 eu1.coinking.io Germany
Europe #2 eu2.coinking.io Netherlands
Asia #1 asia1.coinking.io Tokyo, Japan
Asia #2 asia2.coinking.io Tokyo, Japan

Overall Pool Profitability Statistics / BTC/MH/Day Last 7 Days

  • Scrypt
  • Scrypt-N
  • SHA256
  • X11
  • NeoScrypt

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I go for help getting started?


    You can join us on IRC on irc.freenode.org #COINKING, open a support ticket using the help button, or email an admin directly (admin@coinking.io).

  • Can I set a difficulty for my miner?


    Our servers will automatically adjust your difficulty to the appropriate setting after 5-10 minutes of mining, however if you would like to set a custom difficulty on your own please set the "-p" field as your desired difficulty. For example if you would a difficulty of 512 you would use the following

    stratum+tcp://us1.coinking.io:7777 -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p 512

  • When will I be paid?


    You will be paid automatically once you have reached the threshold for your desired payout choice. This threshold amount varies by coin but is listed on the "Balances" table of the statistics page for your convenience. Payouts will automatically send within 1 hour of you crossing the threshold.

  • Can I mine multiple algorithms at once with the same payout address?


    Yes, if you use the same payout address for any, or all, of the algorithms at the same time the hashrates will be aggregated on the statistics page and broken down by algorithm.

  • Can I mine one algorithm and be paid in any of the payout coins?


    Yes, simply point your miners to ANY of our multiports and you will be paid in the coin that you enter for your payout address. Our systems will detect what coin you would like to receive and will automatically exchange all mining earnings to this coin for you. This process is done continually throughout the day and your balances will be shown on the statistics page for your address.

  • What payment method does the pool use?


    We use PPLNS to determine payouts for our miners.

    Pay Per Last N Shares, or PPLNS, is a method for payment which encourages miners to stay on a pool. When pool mining, workers submit hashes to the pool which have a value greater than the worker's difficulty. These shares give the miner stake in the next block's reward when it is found. The pool's database logs how many shares are being submitted. This gives the pool an idea of its hash rate, as well as how well it's performing.

    When a new block is found and payments are calculated, the PPLNS algorithm looks only at the last N shares submitted to the pool in order to determine how much each miner should be paid. N is the average number of shares associated with each of the last 10 blocks found by the pool. For this reason, if a miner leaves a PPLNS pool, and the pool's workers submit another N shares, the miner who left the pool will not be accounted for when the next block's payments are determined.

  • Are there any mining and/or payout fees?


    We operate at a 1% mining fee. The fee is automatically deducted.

    The payout fees vary by coin and will be deducted by the blockchain.

  • My reported hashrate is different than my miner's hashrate.


    Your hashrate is calculated based on the shares that you have submitted recently. Currently this is set to a 10 minute average. So please wait a full 10 minutes and then check your hashrate. If you are still seeing a discrepancy in your hashrate after 10 minutes, please reach out to us for help. We are available 24/7 on IRC and via the Support portal.

Current Pool Hashrates

SCRYPT 0.20 GH/s
SHA256 3.29 TH/s
X11 0.03 GH/s

IRC Chat

If you have any questions please join us in our IRC channel on freenode, #coinking and message an OP (@).

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